Can I hire Projectus to install the TV and mount I bought at Costco or Amazon?

Yes, but with some disclaimers 🙂

Consumer-grade displays are typically less flexible on mounting options than the commercial displays we typically specify. So are low-cost mounts found on Amazon or other discount suppliers. Due to this, we need to charge a bit more to cover our labor and materials costs.

What is a ``control system``? Can't I just use the remote that came with my display?

If your A/V system consists of a single display with a single computer source, you might not need a control system. In fact, the remote might be the best solution. But if you have external speakers, multiple sources, multiple displays, or other external equipment, you will need a control system.

Our control systems can be as simple as a 3-button switch on the wall, or as advanced as a HD touch display on your conference table. The control system uses hard-wired connections to control the attached equipment. A simple “on” command might look like this:

  • Turn on projector
    Turn on side monitor
    Lower screen
    Turn on audio system
    Turn volume to ‘medium’
    Switch input to ‘laptop’
    Unmute microphones

Additionally, our control system will be able to monitor each device and report any equipment failures in the signal chain. All this to ensure you get a consistent, fault-tolerant experience.

Should I get a projector? Or should I go with a flat panel display?

With the lowered pricing and higher performance of flat panel displays, projection is dead, right? Not even close. Projectors are brighter than ever, and many don’t even require lamp changes. In the right environment, projectors can look every bit as sharp and vibrant as a flat panel display. And at the moment, there are very few flat panels above 100″ diagonal. For large displays, projection is still king.

That said, flat panels have become extremely popular for video conference applications and small to medium conference rooms. Two or even three side-by-side panels can create an immersive teleconferencing experience.

Really it comes down to your application. But that’s why we’re here…to help you make the decision!

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