Andersen Construction

Multi-Display Training Room for Zoom

DateFebruary 2018
LocationPortland, Oregon
ClientAndersen Construction
CategoryConstruction, Commercial

Dual-screen Zoom room with projection screen

Space Details

• 2000sf industrial open space with divisible wall
• Concrete floors, modular seating, 10’ suspended ceiling

What They Needed

• Multipurpose classroom supporting large format projection, side-by-side video conferencing, and in some case both
• All participants must be able to be heard by farside during audio and video conferences
• Audio conferencing over clients existing VoIP provider
• Primary presenters need to be mic’d up at recording quality
• Camera needs to be able to shoot participants a multiple locations and distances
• Installed microphones, speakers, and camera must work with clients Zoom room platform
• Matrix switching needs to support all sources to any of the three displays in any combination
• Control system must support all intended uses while being intuitive to a broad group of users

What We Delivered

• Two 70” Commercial UHD LED displays mounted edge to edge for people & content and extended desktop viewing
• 139” diagonal projector screen and 6000 lumen laser projector on wall adjacent to 70” displays
• Audix Wireless handheld and lavalier microphones & Audix in-ceiling hanging audience microphones
• DMP128 Plus digital mixer/audio conferencing processor providing excellent audio quality to the Zoom meetings and traditional audio conference calls
• Vaddio Conference Shot 12x zoom pan/tilt camera with USB and HDMI outputs
• Extron DTP Crosspoint digital video matrix switcher
• A/V Rack and gear integrates with client’s IT infrastructure and Zoom Room equipment
• Extron Touchlink control system provides overall room control and handshakes to the Zoom Room controller