Charter School 2 location video conference training/ boardroom

Date January 2022
Location Wilsonville/ Mill City, Oregon
Value $83,000
Client Oregon Charter Academy
Category Education, Commercial

A multi Campus deployment of easy to use multi Zoom cameras and audio subsystems with wireless content streaming, large format projection and 86″ UHD displays

Space Details

• Divide classroom in Wilsonville campus
• Boardroom in Mill City Location
• Fully built out space require retro install
• High ceilings and tough wall access
• Many constraints in the ceiling with equipment, lighting, sound, and life safety

What They Needed

• Revamp and update systems for remote learning using Zoom
• Provide ease of use of system for presentations, teaching, video conference and training
• Maintain projectors and some components in Wilsonville classroom
• A signal path from the projector to the A/V Control desk 250’ away

What We Delivered

• Extron DTP Crosspoint 8×2 matrix switcher to divide or combine 2 large meeting spaces
• Extron control processor
• Clearone PTZ dual cameras for multiple views from back/front of room
• Audix ceiling mics for clear audio pick of in room participants
• Audix lavalier wireless mics for priority/ presenters
• Simple in-wall controller for turning the projector on/off and dropping the screen