State Agency Divide/Combine Meeting Center

DateJune 2018
LocationPortland, Oregon
ClientOregon Department of Justice

A space that can be divided for individual use or combined for large groups.

Space Details

• 4000sf divisible room
• Ground floor with significant ambient light from windows
• High ceilings and modular seating

What They Needed

• All functionality must be available individually in divided state and combined
• SIP video conferencing/live streaming with multiple camera angles
• Recording of meetings and content to local drive, network, and/or portable media
• VoIP audio conferencing with local and far site content sharing
• A scalable control system with easy interface for basic use while supporting advanced applications
• Significant coordination with client’s IT & security personal and contractors

What We Delivered

• Two high output HD projectors and two 164” diagonal ceiling recessed screens
• Digital matrix switcher with vector scaling and speed switching allowing any source to any destination
• DTP based signal management between sources and displays ensuring reliable, quality images
• SMP streaming media processor allowing a dedicated feed for recording and/or live streaming
• Audix wireless lapel & handheld microphones
• Wall mounted shotgun microphones for audience
• Cisco SX80 video conferencing codecs with front and rear camera positions in each room
• Extron Touchlink control system