Oregon Based Research Hospital Huddle Room

DateJanuary 2020
LocationPortland, Oregon
Value$30,000 for 10 rooms
ClientOHSU BICC Library
CategoryMedical, Education, Commercial

A study room for small group collaboration in the BICC Library at Oregon Health & Science University.

Space Details

• 10 small Huddle room seating 2-3 people
• Lots of ambient light from pendants and from windows
• Used by 1 student user with varying skills at each booking

What They Needed

• Display capabilities to review information with 1-2 others
• A sized right wall mounted display for presentations form laptop
• An easy way to turn on display and choose sources and volume settings
• Security with no ability for products to be removed form rooms

What We Delivered

• A commercial grade wall mounted Sharp 60” displays
• A cable cubby recessed input box with HDMI, Power and USB power for personal devices
• A wired Liberty Digilinx adapter cable dongle to professional convert HDMI to other popular video formats
• A wall mounted tactile button Extron media link wall controller with on/off, volume and sources buttons