Preparing to Return to the Workplace? Touchless AV is Paramount

Learn how Projectus & Mersive’s Software-Based Touchless AV Can Help You Get Back To Work

Are you preparing to return to the workplace?
With new requirements for employee safety and better support for dispersed onsite and remote teams, one thing is certain: the workplace has changed. Projectus is here to help with touchless, software-based solutions that can help keep your organization safe and productive as you return to work. Presenting Mersive Solstice Pods. 

Touchless meeting space solutions.

Mersive’s software-based solutions deliver a touchless meeting space experience where users collaborate and utilize room technology through their mobile devices and laptops rather than room control panels and cables.
Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) solution.
By leveraging the conferencing services on user laptops, Mersive supports content-rich, agnostic conferencing for any meeting or learning space, making these rooms less complex and easier to use.
Teamspace analytics helps organizations understand how workplace collaboration has changed and better manage the return to work through data-driven insights into room usage, meeting density, and more.
Digital signage integration allows organizations to communicate new health and safety guidelines and procedures within meeting and learning spaces.
Solutions for overflow spaces and hybrid classrooms support safe, socially distanced collaboration through software-based video routing and conferencing.

We’re Here to Help.
We know that every organization will have unique needs and requirements as they navigate the return to work.

Contact Projectus to learn more about how our wireless collaboration solutions can help your organization support the safe return to work. Call us at 503-598-8968. Tell us you received this email and want to know more! Or email us at info@projectus.com. We look forward to serving you!