Why shouldn’t I buy a “Smart TV” for my office?

At home, we love our smart TV’s. In fact, I recently cut the cord, replacing cable service with streaming apps included on my living room TV. I love using Airplay to cast from my iPhone to the display. And in ‘off’ mode, the TV becomes a digital picture frame for displaying artwork. With that being said, I cannot tell you how many times clients have expressed regret after buying a smart consumer TV for use in their shared conference room.

Why then, would you pay more for a commercial display at the office – and forego all these features we love at home? Let’s list some of the pros of each type of display:

Advantages of Consumer TVs:

  • lower cost on average
  • lightweight
  • lots of ways to connect consumer devices
  • built-in apps like Netflix and Disney Plus

Reliability and compatibility are two of the biggest advantages commercial displays have over consumer TVs. Although similar in appearance to home TVs, they are built to be used more often, connect to a wider range of computer sources, integrate with external control systems and eliminate distracting ‘extra’ entertainment features.

Advantages of Commercial Displays:

  • excellent picture quality
  • built tough for all day use, typically longer warranty
  • no wireless “open gate” for unauthorized devices
  • no built-in apps like Netflix and Disney Plus
  • wide range of computer resolutions and connection types accepted
  • compatible with 3rd party controllers from Extron or Crestron etc.
  • no popup ads for the latest movie releases
  • sourced from a dealer like Projectus who will really support you – unlike Amazon

So leave those residential TV’s to the living and continue to let us handle your conference room displays. We won’t let you down!