Biamp Parle video conference bar


Projectus is excited to now offer the Parlé; VBC 2500 is an all-in-one conferencing bar featuring Biamp Audio Intelligence and Biamp Video Intelligence to deliver premium AV experiences for small and medium conference rooms. With integrated and NRD, the VBC 2500 uses a 27-microphone array and Biamp Beam tracking™ technology to actively track and intelligently mix conversations from around the room. Two smart speakers use distortion compensation and dynamic bass enhancement technology to create room filling audio with superior speech reproduction. The VBC 2500 also features Biamp Launch, an automated tuning system that optimizes the audio to each unique conference space. Parle VBC 2500 includes a wide angle 4k camera designed for conference room environments. The camera incorporates high quality optics to enable streaming crystal-clear video at up to 2160p @ 30fps. The VBC2500 uses auto framing technology to identify meeting participants and to adjust the focus and zoom to keep participants in view. Parle VBC 2500 can be plugged directly into a UC System with a single USB connection or can be paired with a Devio; SCR-10 for a BYOD system.


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