Sound Masking, Laser Projectors and our Remodel. Projectus Ascending to Great Heights

typical open office with sound masking

 Sound Masking — What is it?

With the explosion of open concept office design, it has become critical for organizations to control ambient noise so employees can work more effectively and without the distractions that can sometimes accompany these popular open space concepts. Sound masking is the process of adding a low level, unobtrusive background sound to an environment to reduce the intelligibility of human speech and reduce noise distractions in that environment. ​ 

Sound masking technology has come a long way. Older systems simply blasted white noise in the space above your drop ceiling, but our new systems from Cambridge Sound Management add background music, paging capabilities, and a more targeted, tactful, and sophisticated way of improving privacy and concentration for your staff. With modern open-concept work spaces, the number one complaint from workers is acoustic privacy – i.e. hearing other’s conversations, or being heard by others. However, it is often overlooked during the building design phase. Adding a low-cost sound masking system can reduce this distraction greatly and make for happier workers.

Systems can be programmed to discreetly ramp up during your busiest times and turn off while not in use. Each ‘zone’ in the work space can be set at a different volume level to serve the specific amount of masking needed. We could get pretty techie and mention that the ultra-sleek speakers run on low-power POE Ethernet cable, or that each speaker runs on different audio channels to avoid comb-filtering, and improve effectiveness – but that might bore you. Instead we’ll just suggest you call and speak with one of our audio experts to help plan a custom sound masking system for your space.
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Optoma ZU510T

No Lamps No Filters

Projectus is pleased to offer the new Optoma ZU510T laser phosphor DLP projector at 5500 lumens. It’s perfect for the demanding boardroom projection system.

  • No lamp and filter replacements
  • Low cost of ownership with up to 20,000 hours of reliable operation.

The Optoma ZU510T includes a standard lens that will enable it to cover a wide range of ceiling locations without requiring additional lenses. The ZU510T also streamlines integration with two built-in 10w speakers and a variety of inputs, including two HDMI and HDBaseT, allowing users to easily send and control AV content using a single Cat5 cable. The ZU510T is a reliable, capable and cost-efficient option for boardrooms, university auditoriums, museums and other mid-sized venues. We currently have this unit installed in our brightest space of our facility projecting on an equally impressive Da-Lite Parallax screen, which to be frank, looks better than the flat panel we have installed on the wall right next to it.

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20 years of Projectus

20 Year Anniversary

Whew what a fun ride it’s been for Projectus. Founded in 1997, we’re celebrating our 20 year anniversary all year. We completely remodeled our office to showcase the modern technology our clients seek today—from huddle spaces and ergonomic stand-up desks to wireless content streamers and lamp-less laser projection; we’ve really taken our office space to the next level.

We’d love to show you what we’ve done—call to schedule a walk through and thanks for working with us these past 20 years!