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Why a Projector Could Now Be the Superior Option

Flat panel or projector? We are asked this daily by our clients. The answer is not always clear. There is rarely a time when one choice is ‘wrong’ and the other is ‘right’. Let’s do a little thought exercise and talk about when a projector could be the superior option.


First, let’s talk about space. At the time of this writing, we require a little more distance between each person in a room. The space required for a 20 person meeting might be comparable to the space we would have used for an 80 person meeting 2 years ago. As a result, people could now be forced to sit further back in the room. A 90″ diagonal flat panel sufficed in the old setting, but not now. Fortunately, a projector and screen in the same price range could potentially display a 150″ diagonal image. Now we’re in business!


Okay, but what about washed out images? You’ve seen a few dim PowerPoint presentations in the past. You put on your glasses and squint to see – even with the lights off. The spreadsheet is barely readable. That’s not good. Luckily, that aspect of projection has been greatly improved. Current projectors are brighter and higher resolution, for less money. Next, laser projectors have infiltrated the market, with the added benefits of higher-contrast images, and no dimming lamps to replace. Lastly, ambient light rejecting (ALR) screens reduce the effects of ceiling lights and side windows washing out the image. As a result, projection is brighter, sharper and less expensive than it has ever been.


For many, the biggest remaining downside to projection is ease of installation. Ceiling-mounting a projector, and making the necessary cable runs are daunting. Luckily, you have a friend in unified communications business: Projectus. Our techs do this every day. As a result, the finished product will look clean and polished.

Project Success

Flat panel displays are fantastic, bright, and affordable. However, don’t forget about projectors as an alternative. In fact, with the advantages in picture quality, brightness and image size, a projector could now be the superior option.