UC Tech Tweener

Don’t be a web conference failure, Learn to use your conference room tech…

I was at a meeting last week with a prominent Portland law firm designing a new system. I was discussing with the lead partners on how its been going getting their firms employees back to the office. He recently gathered the partners for a discussion planning for the office’s reopening.  Over half the attendees were at the office and the other half joined by Zoom. The remote workers, including the firms “rainmaker”, started to lose patience as people in the room talked over one another and made side comments. All had such a terrible experience that “we made a decision at the end of that meeting that all executive meetings going forward will be in person,” and continued. “Or they will be fully remote. We’re not doing the in-between”. Well of course I chimed in to say ” so…. you’re a Tweener?” and continued “it doesn’t have to be that way, you can conduct fantastic hybrid meetings but you need to  a game plan in place and set expectations about how in person and remote meetings are going to work.”

Listen, we see this all the time. Our team of designers and tech’s are in your conference rooms everyday either deploying new tech, servicing existing or pitching a technology upgrade. Don’t be the “Tweener” failure. Projectus can help guide your teams with advanced video conference technology. We can prioritize microphones to stop crosstalk and unwanted audio echo. We can teach you how to run a streamlined video conference meeting with best practices techniques to make sure your meetings run smooth and doesn’t turn into free for all. Whether your meeting is in your conference room showing a deck for an investor, doing a video conference from that same conference room or a hybrid of both, we can make sure that it runs flawlessly and orderly.

Look to Projectus to help you facilitate your corporate communication with powerful video conferencing tools.Call us at 503-598-8968 or email sales@projectus.com to get a quote.