Web Based video conferencing skyrockets

by Doug O’Brien

Web based conferencing usage is at an all-time level. Microsoft’s Teams communications and collaboration platform topped 270 million monthly active users in the December 21’ quarter. Add Zoom, Slack, Google and all the others and you have an ecosystem of Web based conferencing users that could easily be one billion active users worldwide!.

So many corporate execs (it and mgmt.) are continuing asking, “why aren’t we on the band wagon yet with our office room systems?” While the answer isn’t complicated it’s a combo of 2 issues. Most organizations were either out of the office dealing with pandemic related concerns or just late on updating their conference rooms to this new technology these last few years. We’ve all become very efficient with sending invites and setting up calls on our tablets or web cams from our desktops, but the minute we try to get on a call with these DIY product in larger conference or meeting room , you can’t get audio sources right or you get echo and add to that that your IT team’s use budget camera’s can’t focus in the room and a never ending list of other issues that are all too common. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Projectus is at the forefront of designing and deploying both simple and elaborate group video conference, large meeting and training rooms. Long gone are the dedicated systems that require huge hardware budgets for processing and video quality. That same mid performance desktop computer (mac or PC) can now handle all the processing power needed to carry a high-performance video call, but it needs a real UC integrator like Projectus to deploy properly. 

The proper install and integration of audio and video is where the real magic occurs. Our team takes these rooms over and installs quality 2-way audio systems with speakers and mics that can be invisible and video camera systems that can provide not only great room views, but specific presets of lead presenters or audio activated video shots for the active participants’. We seamless integrate casting capabilities so you can use and type of BYOD device like laptops, tablets and phones to present with and then we add a simple touch interface to make running the room seamless and predictable every time. Check out our tech actual client installs on our projects page, then drop us a call or email, we’d love to take your room system to the next level.