Projectus video conference system have no echo

by Doug O’Brien

Are you tired of poor audio quality during conference calls in your company’s conference room? Do you want to improve audio quality while keeping microphones out of sight? In-ceiling microphones and DSP’s acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) technology may be the solution you’re looking for!

In-ceiling microphones are an excellent option for capturing audio from a larger space while keeping microphones out of sight. However, they can also pick up unwanted echo and other acoustic noise that negatively impact audio quality during a call. This is where AEC technology comes into play.

In-ceiling microphones when paired with Biamp audio processors that have AEC technology are designed to identify and remove unwanted echo and acoustic noise in real-time. The AEC algorithm analyzes audio input from the microphones and identifies audio signals that match the sound being played through the speakers. The algorithm then subtracts these signals from the audio output, effectively canceling out the echo and resulting in clear audio for all participants.

With adaptive filtering techniques and real-time adjustments, in-ceiling microphones and DSP’s with  AEC technology can provide excellent audio quality in conference room environments. This technology is becoming increasingly important as more businesses adopt remote and hybrid work models, making high-quality audio and video conferencing essential for effective collaboration.
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